•    Son of the American Revolution
•    Licensed Professional Engineer
•    Town of Plaistow Planning Board
•    Rockingham Planning Commission
•    Plaistow Area Republican Town Committee
•    Country Pond Fish & Game Club

Shem Kellogg is a twelfth-generation New Englander.  Though his parents were, like many, apathetic about politics, they managed to foster in Shem a desire to work to achieve those things he valued most. Perhaps this was an outgrowth of running a small family farm because, as he tells it, “Growing up on a farm, you can really appreciate the fruits of your own labor.”

The farm also provided an education in the burdens caused by regulations. His father had grown up on the same farm, an operational dairy farm at the time, but regulations began to squeeze their revenues and eventually pushed the family out of the dairy business. By the time Shem was working the farm, it had transformed into a roadside farm stand, peddling pumpkins, other types of squash, and cornstalks.

Shem sitting in the front of the wagon.
Shem sitting in the front of the wagon.

Shem was the first in his family to attend college.  He is now a civil engineer who specializes in municipal infrastructure. As an engineer, Shem applies scientific knowledge and ingenuity to develop cost-effective solutions to real-world problems. Relying on years of experience, he exercises sound engineering judgment to deliver quality product with minimal risk to the public’s safety. Shem’s responsibilities include planning, organizing, motivating, and managing resources.