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• Contributions can only be accepted from US citizens and foreign nationals with permanent residence in the US (i.e., those holding “green cards”).
• Contributions must be made by the individual supplying the funds.
• Pseudonymous and anonymous contributions are not allowed.
• Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes.
• Contributors must provide name and home post office address with every donation. Although not required by law, we ask that you provide an email address. If you have not supplied the information needed to comply with the election laws and we have no way to contact you (such as email), then we have no choice but to give your contribution to a charity.
• To give an aggregate of more than $100 for either the primary or the general election, your name, home address, occupation, employer’s name, and city or town of business must be provided.
• The maximum aggregate contributi on on a cumulative basis is $2,000 per election cycle per contributor ($1,000 USD primary + $1,000 USD general).